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Our Process


The Discover phase is the most significant phase of our process. Whether we’re developing a simple marketing website or a complex solution, investing proper time in analysis allows for a winning strategy. During the Discover phase, our team dives deep into your market, target audience, competitors and goals to clarify your objectives, assess your audience needs, position your brand for the online environment and formulate technical requirements.


The Define phase provides a development roadmap for the project and ensures efficient project flow and a superior end result. Once the Discovery phase has been completed, Alter Imaging will synthesize this information and make suggestions to further enhance the effectiveness of your website.


After your organization and our agency have agreed upon the structure and direction of the website, we will begin the Design phase. Our creative team evaluates the information gathered during the Define phase and will review your existing branding and marketing materials to ensure a cohesive user experience. Creating a great design goes beyond nice visuals and engaging images - it’s about good preparation and a thorough understanding of the goals you’re trying to accomplish online.


Alter Imaging is now prepared to begin Developing your website. We’ll use the established framework, documentation and creative guidelines approved during the Define and Design phases. Our experienced Web builders and programmers will begin to Develop the code, database and site pages. We employ strict standards of coding to ensure the site meets the latest Web standards.


Once the site has passed our rigorous testing and your organization’s approval, Alter Imaging will launch the new site. Prior to its release, Alter Imaging will provide all necessary training required to allow you the ability to manage the site. After its release we will transition the ongoing operation and maintenance of the website to your organization, or host the website on our secured servers and manage the site at a level acceptable to you. The marketing strategy developed during the Define phase will be completed and monitored for optimal performance.

Ongoing Marketing

People flock to the Internet to research, learn, buy, watch, listen, and communicate. When today’s consumers want or need something, they turn to search engines and social media to find what they’re looking for. To capture the attention of these people, your company needs to market online. Putting your business in front of eager buyers is made easier with Internet marketing. Starting with your website and then expanding to search engines and social media marketing, the opportunities online are endless.

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