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Focus Your Message With Microsites

If you are launching a specific campaign, you don’t want your message diluted by other offerings, information or company details. Instead, you want your online visitors to take a single action with your company.

Have you considered the power of a microsite? A microsite is a small cluster of web pages designed to focus on a specific product, service or action. Microsites immediately connect audiences to your brand but differ from your main website because they limit and focus the information visitors see.

Microsites offer a unique experience that prevents new visitors from being overwhelmed with options and keeps long-time customers focused on a specific topic. Microsites can also give you new opportunities to engage directly with visitors and meet their needs.

Creating a microsite may make sense for your business if you’re:

  • Launching a new product or service
  • Highlighting new features in a product
  • Starting a campaign based on a specific keyword
  • Updating current marketing campaigns
  • Trying to reach new audiences with fine-tuned messages
  • Developing your brand’s image

At Alter Imaging, we can help you decide if a microsite is right for your business. If so, we’ll set up a unique website for your specific campaign that will enhance your online brand and help you make the most of your marketing dollars.

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