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With millions of websites today vying for Google’s coveted first page search results, it’s easy to feel like your website is a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, with some strategic analysis and attention, propelling yourself to the top of search engine rankings is achievable with a well-structured SEO plan.

Goal Discovery

Establishing your company’s goals isn’t simply enough. Our SEO team wants to answer the question of how your website will maximize its contribution to achieving those goals. Depending on your needs, a dedicated SEO strategy can be set in place to ensure focus and maximum efficiency. We also use goal discovery to understand your conversion paths and whether or not those processes are being tracked correctly. The more sources (traffic, leads, phone calls, referrals) we can identify, the more robustly we can present those findings in our analytics and make necessary strategy adjustments moving forward.

Crawl Before You Walk

A good SEO plan starts with analysis. As an experienced SEO company, Alter Imaging understands the value in digging deep to uncover the bare bones of your website. Before we start pinpointing profitable keywords or optimizing your content, we crawl your website like any search engine robot would, to examine the data. This process exposes the framework of your site and allows us to identify any immediate areas for improvement. Search engines love sites that are easy to crawl (navigate and examine) so that they can properly index them (store and retrieve). We make sure your site’s framework caters to these search engine preferences before we do anything else.

Market Research and Keyword Analysis

Who are you up against on the Internet? Chances are, you can pinpoint a handful of your top competitors. Alter Imaging goes even deeper by reviewing competing websites from a technical SEO level. We look to see what is working, what is not and we use those findings to build a plan that outranks competitors. Our SEO team uses powerful keyword tools to measure search volume and ranking potential. We align your needs with the keywords that are most profitable and advance you to the top of search engine results. These keywords are used to optimize important on-page SEO data as well as the content on your pages. Search engines love well-optimized, natural content.

Link Analysis and Link Building

From an SEO perspective, quality links are worth gold. Gone are the days of pointing hundreds of crummy links to your site to boost rankings. Today, link building is an art. Obtaining quality links from high authority websites is key. Search engines want to see natural links that aren’t purchased and are relevant. Alter Imaging knows how to create these quality links. We build relationships, uncover hidden opportunities and capitalize on developing content that is worth linking to.

Local SEO

If you own and operate a local business, having a strong local SEO presences is everything. Consistency is key. At Alter Imaging, we make sure your business information is consistent across the web and we make it easy for people and search engines to find. Our SEO team knows all of the important local SEO tactics to focus on in order to get your business found and we structure your website so that it is properly optimized for local.

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